26 June 2018
MEMAN's machining cluster final workshop
Brive (France)

MEMAN’s machining cluster final workshop aims to present MEMAN’s project results and methodology to the members of the French partners working in the machining cluster: TECHNOFI, CETIM and Mecanic Vallée.


The purpose of the machining cluster is to support the transformation of companies specialised in machining into global manufacturing actors, improving the quality, cost and flexibility of their industrial process. In MEMAN, the work of this cluster focused on the ‘structure of the value chain’ of an aero-structural component and a jet engine component.


The partners will show the results of the application of the MEMAN’s methodology and discuss the interest of resource optimisation at value chain level.


Finally the partners will present the virtual demonstrator and the serious game developed in the project. The virtual demonstrator comprises a set of virtual tours of certain companies to get an introduction to the current best practices in resource optimisation. The serious game is the communication and training support for the MEMAN approach. Its objective is to transfer knowledge about the MEMAN approach in a playful and engaging way for users.


The workshop is for the members of the machining cluster’s partners only and the working language is French.