20 June 2018
Seizing the opportunities of circular economy in the metal-mechanic industry



The consumption of energy and raw materials in manufacturing will increase by 40% over the next 20 years. Transitioning towards a circular economy therefore becomes a must, not only for environmental reasons, but also for the growth of the sector.


This event will investigate which barriers (financial, legislative, technological and non-regulatory) currently prevent companies from investing more in resource efficiency and what are the opportunities that this can bring for the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.


Experts will also present a range of solutions that can lead to substantial resource savings in industrial processes, showing real-life examples from the metal mechanic sector. This will include innovations developed in the EU-funded research MEMAN project, which looks into the whole manufacturing value chain – rather than a single company – to make manufacturing processes more resource efficient.


Registration and the programme will be available soon.