MEMAN Final Publication
Published: 15 June 2018

This booklet presents the results of MEMAN project to support a faster up-take of resource efficient processes in the European manufactuirng industry.

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Guidelines on life cycle evaluation
Published: 13 July 2016

Guidelines on life cycle evaluation of factories and value chains

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Set of assessment criteria for value chain optimisation
Published: 05 May 2016

Set of commonly agreed technical, economic, social and ecological assessment criteria for value chain optimisation of resource efficiency

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Business Model for resource efficiency
Published: 24 May 2016

Energy and resource saving based Networked Business Model framework

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Press Release
Published: 25 June 2015

Here you can find the press release from the project launch, in January 2015. 

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MEMAN brochure
Published: 30 July 2015

Project's brochure is available for download here. 

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Project's poster is available for download here. 

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Case Studies

The case studies, based on the results of the ReMake project (2009-2012), illustrate experiences from improving efficiency in European manufacturing companies. 


The ReMake (Recycling and Resource Efficiency driving innovation in European Manufacturing SMEs) project was a public-private partnership for resource efficiency in the manufacturing sector. The project, jointly funded by the European Commission DG Enterprise & Industry, the innovation agencies and the ReMake partners, designed and tested policy instruments and practical tools to support eco-innovation in the manufacturing industry. With the support of REMake experts, companies were able to assess savings potential and discover how resource efficiency and life-cycle awareness can increase their profitability. The case studies below, demonstrate the successful application of eco-innovation in the manufacturing industry across Europe. 

Guidebook on Standards

The Guidebook on eco-innovation standards and regulations has been published under the project REMake. It is dedicated to SMEs that would like to learn more about the profitability of eco-innovation but are not aware of the legislative and normative context and the existing technical and financial support systems.


The database may be filtered using multiple categories: by lifecycle steps (e.g. production, packaging, transport, use, end of life), by topics (e.g. waste, energy, emissions, materials, worker, equipment) by sector or keywords. It aims at supporting the SMEs in their efforts to identify and pin-point the right information amongst the jungle of regulations and standards existing at European and National level.