20 October 2016
MEMAN stakeholders discuss the energy efficiency potential of SMEs in Toulouse

On Thursday 20 October 2016, MEMAN’s French partners organised a workshop in Toulouse, France, to present the MEMAN project and disseminate its first results to interested stakeholders.


During the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to discover the decision making toolbox developed by MEMAN project partners to enhance the resource- and energy-efficiency of industrial production value chains. Moreover, representatives from Technofi and CETIM, the French partners of the MEMAN project, presented the process for value chain modelling designed within the project and integrated into a modelling software. After demonstrating the results of this value chain modelling process in the aerospace industry, the project partners opened the discussion to the public.


The workshop gathered 25 participants coming mainly from industry and in particular from the Mecanic Vallée clusters and other small and medium businesses in and around Toulouse. During the round-table discussion, participants debated the practical applications of the modelling process and the energy-efficiency potential of SMEs in the European Union.