16 March 2018
Discover the resource saving potential of the car industry in the casting cluster video

The consumption of energy and raw materials in manufacturing will increase by 40% over the next 20 years. The EU-funded MEMAN project supports companies in the analysis of their value chain to optimise the use of their resources.


MEMAN looks at three case-studies: the casting, machining and surface finishing clusters.


Today we released the 1st video on the casting cluster, which shows the savings achieved by manufacturing companies in the production of a suspension component for vehicles.


The new design of the suspension component brought as a result:

  • A 20% reduction in the use of raw materials, resulting in almost 24% less CO2 emissions during the manufacturing phase from cradle to gate;
  • An additional cut of over 11% in CO2 emissions during the use phase, due to lighter vehicles consuming less fuel;
  • This leads to a total reduction of 35% in CO2 emissions;
  • Finally, the life cycle cost of the aluminium component is reduced by a 15%.


Watch now the video on MEMAN’s casting cluster and stay tuned for the next two videos!