16 April 2018
Discover the resource saving potential of the aeronautical industry in the machining cluster video

The consumption of energy and raw materials in manufacturing will increase by 40% over the next 20 years. The EU-funded MEMAN research project supports companies in the analysis of their value chain to optimise the use of their resources.


MEMAN looks at three case-studies: the casting, machining and surface finishing clusters.


Today we released the 2nd video on the machining cluster, which shows the savings achieved by manufacturing companies in the production of the 12H beam, a part of turbojet engines for civil airplanes such as Airbus and Boeing.


An analysis of the value chain using the MEMAN methodology found that Figeac Aero could save resources by bringing the heat treatment in house from the external subcontractor.


As a result of these changes, the manufacturing company involved in the project – Figeac Aero – managed to:

  • Reduce the time of the heat treatment by 77%, and the overall production time by 15%;
  • Cut CO2 emissions by 7%


Watch now the video on MEMAN’s machining cluster and stay tuned for the next and last video!