15 June 2017
Mainstreaming resource efficiency in manufacturing value chains
Thon Hotel EU, Brussels

Increasing global consumption and climate change put pressure on our current economic model. Today around 50% of costs in the manufacturing sector are related to raw materials, energy and water used in industrial processes. Optimising the use of resources is therefore one of the main challenges the manufacturing industry is facing today. But improving resource efficiency is not only crucial from an environmental point of view; it also proves highly profitable for the economic competitiveness of manufacturing industries.


Greenovate! Europe organised a workshop within the MEMAN project on 15 June in Brussels on how to Mainstream resource efficiency in manufacturing value chains. The workshop gave the opportunity to learn more about the latest innovations to bring substantial resource savings in industrial processes. The event also showed the results from real-life implementation in the metal mechanic sector, such as in aerospace and automotive companies, which can serve as a model for other sectors.


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If you want to know more about the event and the project, please contact Valeria Mazzagatti, Greenovate! Europe:



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